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Forward Focus Information

The Forward Focus Committee of Berea Friendship met for several months beginning in October 2019.  We had a meeting with the District Superintendent and the congregation in March.  We presented our recommendation for the church.  We were going to start working on plans for the church starting with a meeting on April 25th.  Due to Covid, this project was put on hold.  We are now in the process of continuing our work.  The link below will show the plans we presented in March.  We plan to start meeting regularly on October 21st and work on each step of the plans.  We will be asking for the congregations input.  We will be sending out information by mail, e-mail and website.  Please click on the below link to refresh your memory on what was presented in March.  We will be updating our work after week bi weekly meeting.

March 2020 presentation to church

October 25,2020 update to the congregation


The committee met during the week and we developed a survey on what the members think that the values of the church are.  Below is a link to an information sheet about the values survey and another link for the values survey.  Please complete the survey and return to the church by November 8th.

Values Survey Information

Value Survey

December 2020 update to the congregation

During the month of November, the Forward Focus Committee developed the mission statement from the church, based off information we received from the congregation on the value survey.  We are currently taking the mission statements and developed our vision for Berea Friendship.  We look forward to sharing this with the congregation in the new year.

We completed developing the vision of the church.  Below is a link that you can click to get  the information.  We will continue to work on how to fulfill the mission and vision during the month of January.

Vision of BFUMC

February 2021 update to the congregation

The Forward Focus committee has been meeting weekly by zoom since the beginning of the year with our Mentor, Toni Taylor.  We are working on developing our mission.  We have established 4 goals that we would like to reach.  We are working on the steps to complete those goals. The committee will have an in person workshop on Sunday, March 7th to develop the plans.  We will share wit the congregation as soon as we have completed these goals and action plan.

March 2021 update on Forward Focus

The forward Focus Committee has been meeting weekly and continuing to work on the goals and strategic plans for the church.  We had an in person workshop on the 7th and have made some action plans for our goals.  below you will find links to the documents we have been working on and a timeline update of our progress.  The committee would love to have any feedback and input from the congregation on these plans.

Spring 2021 Forward Focus Update

June 2021 update from Forward Focus Team

The Forward Focus Team has completed their proposal for the strategic plans for the church.  The team will present these plans to the congregation at a congregational meeting on June 13, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. in the church sanctuary.  Below is the plan that will be presented.

Strategic Plan Proposal 

Power Point Presentation for June 13, 2021

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